It’s About The Quality Not The Quantity Of A Person's Age

So what about all of us irrelevants that are still living in the world and trying to enjoy life, and for some, still trying to earn a living?


I’m from another time (but the same planet) and to some I might seem like an ancient relic (in my 50s). And we all know valuable antiques are designated for museum cases. I say valuable because you can call me old but you can’t call me junk. If you’ve made it as far as I have or beyond that then you should be celebrated not disregarded. It’s no small feat to make it into your later years. And the history we elders carry is remarkable and sometimes from very exciting times, aside from the events of a personal nature.

At some point, everyone is the same age, if we’re lucky. Yet, some in their 20s might think anyone over 30 is totally irrelevant. If so, doesn’t that shorten everyone’s life span? If I’m done after I hit 30 or 40, then wow, I should have made the most of my earlier days. Too late now.

So what about all of us irrelevants that are still living in the world and trying to enjoy life, and for some, still trying to earn a living? I’m not sure yet, but a major shift should happen. I’m not the one to usher that in with my lowly self, but I sure hope I can tweak a shift in just one other person’s brain.

The contemporaries that I grew up admiring are still just as listen-worthy as far as musicians, watch-worthy as far as actors, and reader-worthy as far as authors. Greatness can't be discounted just because someone wants to say that their time has expired. And who’s saying it: the person of greatness that created the work, or someone who has never even heard of them?

I apologize if it seems like I am venting. I haven’t learned the skill of speaking my mind and presenting it in a way that doesn’t sound like griping. Why is that? Because when I was younger and into my 20s, I hardly said anything. In fact, in my last yearbook, my high school graduating class voted two students as the shy guy and girl. I was that girl. (I never talked to that guy either by the way.)

So a message to those in their 20s now, don’t shorten your own life by considering people 40+ (or whatever the cut off is) as being no longer valid. Give yourself something to live for beyond your youth. To be a relic should be treasured as are museum artworks. Sometimes it takes a while to make a masterpiece out of your life. Not all of us are capable of accomplishing that in our 20s.

Let’s give everyone a break and take age and relevancy out of the discussion of a human’s life. I don’t want to find the fountain of youth. Before we talk about modern science extending our lives, how about we work on fixing the quality of our lives. I have learned a whole lot more in my later years. In my 20s I was clueless (but I speak for myself).

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