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Animal Imagery in Art & Antiques in San Francisco 2016 - October 29, 2016 

The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show 2016 is happening this weekend and is considered a must-attend event for art collectors. Within the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason there are many must-see items. Specifically, what attracted me most was their theme – ANIMALIA: Animal Imagery in Art & Antiques.

This morning I attended a talk by the curators of the Loan Exhibit, Philip Bewley and Justin Evershed-Martin. Through varied stories and examples, both curators confirmed the ethereal and eternal impact of animals upon artists.

Justin emphasized that animals serve as otherworldly figures for artists to depict rather than just the standard human form. Animals in all their varieties look and move differently than us humans for sure. And that leads to other opportunities with lines and forms.

Justin stated, “I think we owe a huge debt that we don’t always recognize to the role of animals in every day…art, design that surrounds us.”

Philip pointed out that while many of us don’t experience a farming life, animals are still important to us and remain objects of our love and concern. And so he predicts that artists will continue incorporating animals into their art and design. He stated, “What’s interesting is of course everyone loves cats and dogs. They may be dependent on us but we are very dependent on them.”

Reverence for both art and animals is a must. They enrich our lives in ways we wouldn’t ever want to do without.

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