Focus on Cat Photography: Check out the pros Vol. 1


Why not take your cat photos to another level? Reach a bit higher and take a photo even your cat would be proud to be in.

PDF Publication created for former - 3 pages

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Content from Kitty Giver (now closed)

What Kitty Giver Was About

Kitty Giver's purpose is to serve those who love cats and to convince everyone else why they should do the same. I am a cat converter and curator of the artistry around them. I reach out to artists and filmmakers for cat positive artworks. The aim is to entertain, inform, and elevate the image of cats via aesthetically pleasing artworks and stories that emphasize the value of creativity. It’s fun to create. It enriches your life in a different way. I create whether anybody thinks I’m good or not - that’s how much I enjoy it.

And What It Planned To Be

  • I hope to inspire cat ownership, aspiring artists, and those in the commercial and non-profit cat community to join me in my quest for a feline friendly world. Consider Kitty Giver a public relations tool that can help spread the world about why cats are great and help give exposure to those whose work shares the same message. Sometimes bad behavior or opinions with pets is driven by a lack of education or misinformation. Kindness to all creatures is the creed.